Finding Ways To Keep Up With Technology

Technology and How It Changed Sales and Marketing

These days, we carry in our pockets sufficient technology to offer us access to the world’s knowledge, coupled with handy information on events happening everywhere. Tech influences us in all facets of our lives and shows every sign of remaining in the years ahead. In business, the role of technology is ever more pronounced in the sales and marketing arena.

Erasing Distance

Nowadays, distance has turned into near irrelevance as far as sales and marketing is concerned. Smartphone apps, web conference programs, and remote-work capabilities have made it more convenient to work and communicate with coworkers and customers across the globe. Travel is controlled because now, sales and marketing staff can have their “meetings” on the Internet. Remote workers and telecommuters have the ability to work from any part of the country while remaining equally efficient and productive.

Enhanced Customer Service

Using modern CRM applications, the staff can have instant access to vital customer data, thereby improving the whole customer service process. Sales staff can work with useful information – for example, the needs of a certain customer, the date when they last placed an order, or when the customer might have a need for the company again. In addition, company representatives can return customers’ emails, calls and other communications almost immediately, addressing their concerns with the same speed. With data mining and large data applications, companies can work with enormous volumes of data for the purpose of customer acquisition, increasing the efficiency of their prospecting and lead generation processes.

More Efficient Document Processing

With the use of electronic communications, primary decision-makers in a business can be reached faster and more easily. Electronic signature and approval systems can minimize the time required to obtain an approval, and allow executives in different parts of the world to sign important documents.

Lower Sales and Marketing Costs

Technology in sales and marketing may bring significant cost savings. Printed marketing materials, like brochures and flyers, can now be made in electronic format and distributed quickly. Video and audio files can be combined with the entire sales and marketing toolbox, adding to the number of customer engagement techniques possible. Digital material may be spread around at little or zero cost on top of the cost of typical physical shipping.

Quick and Easy Access

Social media sites provide an automatic and direct access line between you and your customers. Through webinars, online presentations and the like, company staff can get real-time access among each other. You can as well keep your customers posted on the more recent developments with your products and/or services via page posts or your blog.

Surely, by using today’s technology well, you can gain a considerable unique edge over your competitors in the marketplace. But first, you need to understand the role of technology in sales and marketing before you can use it to your full advantage.

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